Monday, 17 June 2013

The Big Secret

So... Having decided that lead legs are not normal i did decide to see a doctor. At this time I was sure it was down to my veins and figured it would be a simple diagnosis and treatment, oh how wrong I was lol. 
So my GP came to the same conclusion as me and referred me to a vascular surgeon - woohoo! - or so I thought.
A month later I go to see a vascular surgeon at the hospital. I'm prodded and poked and quizzed and finally he tells me that I should never have been referred to him. He clearly knew what was wrong with me but all he said was 'you don't need a surgeon you need a neurologist'. 
So EVENTUALLY I get an appointment with a neurologist, 18th December 2008, a date I won't forget. Not only was it a week before Christmas but also the first time MS was mentioned.
I did decide to bring a translator with me this time. This big secret that they don't want to share would be leaked somehow with clever tactics. So my sister (physio by trade) worked as my mole. Ask the right questions, speak medical jargon that means nothing to me and after the appointment translate in lay mans terms what the hell he said and what the tests were for. She was the one, the only one, who throughout this initial pillar to post journey who said it was probably MS. 
Initial reaction - relief to have a possible answer and honestly an element of smugness that I'd cracked the secret they were all hiding from me. 
Now they just needed some proof...

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