Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Nobody puts Bambi in the corner

When you have any kind of illness then you expect occasionally to be treated differently. I'm not saying that this is good or bad, it's just fact. 
I've found that the majority of people have good intentions and do mean well but I have a few things to clear up.

1. I may walk with a stick but I'm not stupid nor do I have mental disabilities.
I do find that people will sometimes talk slowly (and sometimes loudly) to me. Others will just not talk to me and talk to Gareth (OH) or work colleagues instead

2. I am not useless. 
This one I try not to get annoyed at but sometimes it's very frustrating. People often want to do everything for you. I know they are trying to be kind but it's not necessary. I am able to walk, make a cup of tea, carry a plate etc. I know there are restrictions on what I can do but I will ask for help if I need it :) 

3. Im not in a freak show
This one i do get annoyed at because its not due to a lack of education about the disease, it's a lack of manners. 
I've had people stare at me, whisper about me and when I was working I regularly got asked 'what's wrong with you?'by random strangers. I'd also like to point out that these examples are not of children - always adults -always rude. 

So in summary
I'm not stupid
I'm not useless
I'm not here for you to stare at

Nobody will put Bambi in the corner!

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