Monday, 17 June 2013

MRIs and Mutivitamins

After my consultation with the neurologist the next step is an MRI scan. Now for any of you who are not familiar with this procedure let me explain.
You are put inside a large metal cylinder and strapped down - almost like a sadistic torture chamber as they take scans of your entire spine. 
You are told beforehand that the scanner is QUITE loud. They weren't kidding! They left me in there for 45mins which felt like a lifetime. To pass the time and distract from the noise they played the soundtrack to 'Dawsons Creek' into the scanner which made me laugh (not easy to control when you're not suppose to move). I felt is was a strange choice of music, especially since most people in these scanners are already feeling pretty depressed about life. Seemed a bit like they were trying to induce some kind of feeling of hopelessness! They just underestimated my sense of humour! 
When the scan was over and I was 'released' I couldn't help but try to read the faces of the staff to get some idea of the results but they were part of the 'big secret' and were giving nothing away. 

So then they made me wait 3 MONTHS for the results!! 

During the waiting period I had ample time to do research (as did everyone in my family). There are many theories on what causes & helps MS. So in 3 months I went from never taking supplements to taking everything that had any link to MS- Vit B, Vit D, Vit C, Fish Oils - you name it i tried it! I can't say for sure that it made a difference but it certainly didn't hurt. 

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