Saturday, 22 June 2013

Right Reaction? Wrong Reaction?

When you're diagnosed with any disease people expect a certain kind of reaction. I'm not entirely sure what this reaction is but everyone else seemed to know. Are you expected to fall to your knees wailing 'why me!'? Are you expected to cry? Hide away? I never felt these things. I've never cried because I have MS. I've never hidden the fact I had it. Yes, occasionally I get frustrated at my own legs and rant to myself about how useless they can be but my first reaction to being diagnosed was 'well, time to suck it up and get on with it!' and so I did. 

I do remember a few years ago an incident that will always stick in my mind. 
The MS Society had set up a table in the shopping centre that I worked in. My mother (who also worked in the centre) introduced herself and of course told them all about me. I called down to see them on my lunch break and was talking to them about up and coming events. This was all great. Then one of them asked me if I'd been down to the society in Newry. When I said no he seemed shocked. He told me about the great councillors who could help me cope with the news. Now, I think the work they do is incredible and for those who need it they provide an incredible service. I however never felt I needed counselling. I got frustrated that someone was telling me that I did (should) and basically telling me that I didn't know how I felt. 

Did I have the wrong reaction? I wasn't in denial I just think there are worse things in life. Everyday people are diagnosed with terminal illnesses. I can't imagine how that feels. MS won't kill me! It's just gonna mess with my life a bit so I say 'BRING IT ON!!!'

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