Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Bouncing Back

Despite what the title implies this is not a self help post about starting a new chapter. It's more literal than that!
Me & Gareth (OH) had both noticed random bruises all over me with no explainable cause. It looked like I had been poked and prodded repeatedly - which I had not. 

Having read other people's experiences with MS I've noticed that phantom bruises are a common problem. I was always quite clumsy so it wasn't as alarming as I'm sure it is for some people. I regularly walk into things, bang my legs off tables so bruises are very common. However one or two explainable bruises started to become 10-20 unexplainable little bruises. 

It all became clear one night when I noticed that I was literally 'bouncing off the walls' in our hallway on my way to bed. I realised I had been using door frames, tables and walls as springboards to continue on my journey. I had turned walking into a pin ball machine! Maybe we should pad all the walls - no jokes required! 

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