Thursday, 20 June 2013

Like a cat!!

As I previously mentioned, when I was first referred to my neurologist he did many tests. These test were pretty standard neurological tests. Most of them are pretty easy, ie. touch your nose with your finger, follow his finger with your eyes. Some are funny to me because I'm not sure i was very good at them before the MS ie. walk heel to toe (one foot in front of the other), stand on one foot and my favourite one, rub one foot up and down your other leg (harder than it sounds). 

My favourite tests will always be reflex and sensation tests. He used a tuning fork (an instrument musicians use to tune using vibrations) . He placed the tuning fork next to my foot to see where I could feel it. It was crazy to see him hold a tuning fork next to the sole of my foot and not be able to feel it. I hadn't even realised there was no feeling there! 

Next he tested my reflexes like your GP would do when you're a child. From what I could see they were all fine. I was reacting when I was supposed to so I was pleased. 

At the end of the tests he said I had 'acute reflexes'. I was thrilled! I had excellent reflexes - who wouldn't want to hear that!? I believed  I had the reflexes of a cat and I was almost feeling a bit cocky. He quickly pointed out to me that in fact 'acute reflexes' is in fact not something to be proud of, it is in fact not normal and was yet another symptom of something neurologically wrong. 
Well that burst my bubble!
Still - it's fun to lie and tell people I have the reflexes of a cat to make up for the things that don't work - like my own heighten sense :) that's my story and I'm sticking to it :)

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