Friday, 30 August 2013

Back to work

I know I've been very quiet these last few weeks but I'm back! I've started back into full time work and it's been a bit of a shock to the system. 

Working with MS is always an adventure. I was spoilt for a long time where employment was concerned. I was management when I was diagnosed so it was a lot easier to adapt my duties to what my body would allow. I did my own rota so I wasn't ever over worked. 
Then that came to an end when I was made redundant.
 I hadn't planned to return to work. I saw this as an opportunity to look after myself. Life had other plans (as is always the way). So I had to find a job.

Now I was faced with job hunting with a disability and quickly realised that everything I was qualified to do my body would no longer allow me to do. 
So I applied for work in a call centre. At least I could sit down all day. 
I have now discovered that sitting all day is in fact making me feel worse. My legs tend to seize up so I can't stand up even when I want to. 
However, I will not be beaten by it, I have no choice, it's this or nothing! 
Guess ill have to keep playing the lotto :) 

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