Wednesday, 10 July 2013

The Sun - My Nemesis!

I know i have been quiet this week - the heat is killing me. 

Because of this I thought this was probably the best time to explain why the sun is my nemesis :) 

Even as a child I didn't like the sun and would have always preferred to be indoors in the shade. This has not changed in adulthood. The heat always made me tired and made me feel sick so it's a good thing I'm irish! 

When I developed MS I became even more heat sensitive. My symptoms are exacerbated by any heat. I can't have hot baths or showers, when I open the oven it's like being hit by David Haye! 

Occasionally,  like most women, all I want is to lie in a nice relaxing bubble bath. This is no longer as relaxing as it used to be but sometimes standing in a shower is too daunting so a bath seems more appealing. After battling balance issues to get into the bath it's all good, nice bubble bath, relaxing, perfect. Until....
My legs decide that lying in the bath is where they want to stay. I can't bend my knees so shaving my legs in the bath is a no no :) so then the fun begins! How do I get out?? Uncooperative legs and a slippy bath do not make an ideal combination. I have found ways to master this after many attempts - none of which were very dainty or attractive. 
First step is to drain the bath which does end up making me look like a beached whale (very attractive). Next drag legs over side of the bath. And finally using all upper body strength drag myself up. Now ideally the aim is to end up on the edge of the bath but I will always have towels on the floor just in case I end up there :) not as relaxing as it should be really :)
Now for any of you reading this thinking why does she not get her partner to help her I'd like to explain that he does offer every time! I'm stubborn and if I can do it by myself then I will. I will not be beaten by a bath :) 

So you can imagine how I felt when I heard there was going to be a heat wave! I think of it as lead leg season. Walking from the house to the car is like climbing Everest and you can rule out standing in a cue anywhere because my legs don't really want to stand up.

Now this is the funny part for me. Research into MS has shown a link between Vit D and MS. Countries further from the equator tend to have higher levels of MS due to the lack of sunshine. 
So if, as a child, i had embraced the sun then perhaps I wouldn't be in this situation (maybe I would, no body knows for sure) but it is food for thought. My children will be made to play outside in the sun! If like me it makes them feel sick they will be given supplements just in case :) 

So - good luck in the sun! Keep the kids protected but outdoors to top up on Vit D and have fun. I shall be hidden indoors with my new friend the desk fan until my nemesis goes away. 

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