Thursday 17 October 2013

Human Water Balloon

Okay, what an eventful month! 

First things first, I'm no longer working (at least for now). 
About 3 weeks ago I could barely stand up. My Bambi legs were in overdrive! I also found that my hands were getting weak making typing a difficulty. So it was time to make a call to my nurse. 
I already knew how this conversation was going to go. I knew it was a relapse and I knew what the plan of action would be. 


Now - don't get me wrong, steroids do work. For those of you that are unfamiliar with what they do or why I use them, let me explain as easily as I can. 
When a relapse happens it means there is inflammation somewhere in my nervous system. Steroids then basically blast the inflamation so that the symptoms ease off faster than letting it calm down in its own time. So they don't stop the relapse or cure any damage caused but they can make a relapse last a couple of weeks instead of months. 
All good? Yes? Well in theory yes. 
In reality - it's a catch 22 situation. 

Steroids have so many side effects of their own.  And I hate them. 

(1) I lose the ability to sleep for longer than 4 hours a night for 10 days 
(2) I feel like my mouth is lined with sandpaper
(3) Due to having to drink more fluids I have to pee EVERY 15 mins

and my favourite 
On one occasion, the worst occasion, my legs were the same width from my thighs to my feet. Not only is this not attractive it's very uncomfortable. I honestly thought my legs were going to rip open. Also as if the legs aren't enough, I tend to look 6 months pregnant. The only thing I could do was lie with my legs in the air and hope the swelling went down. I also made friends with dandelion tea. Doesn't taste great but it does work - just have to make sure there's a toilet nearby - I've never peed as much in my life! 
This joyful experience also doesn't stop when the steroids are out of my system. It can take weeks to get the swelling under control. 

I become a Human Water Balloon!!
(but I can walk again😄)

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